Five Minutes with Kate Upton: BroBible Talks to Kate About Lacrosse and Avicii

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On Wednesday night BroBible’s AlwaysBeChaying and myself sat down with Upton shortly after she bested New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul in ping pong and a football toss at the AXE Sport Blast Combine House.  So what did we find out about the Most Viral Women in the World? To our surprise, apparently the 19-year old SI Swimsuit Cover Girl has never heard of Avicii and, well, isn’t really into the whole electronic dance music craze. Sorry, ravers. She also thinks my handwriting is “the worst handwriting I’ve ever seen.” Below, Kate Upton on lacrosse, music, dream dates, approaching a “10,” and how she makes men cry.

BroBible: So… Your ping pong game was pretty solid, actually.

Kate Upton: I had a ping pong table growing up in our game room. Also, I had a big family, we had family football gams and baseball games and basketball games, so…

I’m terrified to see what the baseball looks like. I’m sure your underhand softball throw is great as well.

It’s not that great. I have to freshen up on baseball because I don’t know about hitting and I get nervous. ‘Cuz I don’t like to fail.

Last week we found out on Twitter that Kate Upton is a lacrosse fan. That’s sick. Let’s talk lacrosse. Let’s talk about Williams lax.

So this is what happened. I grew up in Florida, we didn’t have lacrosse at my school, but my cousin clearly is very good, he’s on a college team, and so my knowledge of lacrosse is there. Obviously I cheer him on, I know everything about what he does, but if we’re gonna start getting into terms, I’m going to start start sweating..

Have you ever been to a game?

I haven’t. I’ve been invited to his game now in college, and so I need to go. You guys should come!

What’s the lamest thing any dude has ever said to you?

I have it. A guy came up to me, just looked me straight in the face, and said, “Do you want to be my friend with benefits?” and I told him to go somewhere. I was like, no. I’m the girlfriend type.

So… he just walked up to you randomly?

I knew him, he was a likeable guy, but that was pretty much… Bold, turn downed. Turned down hard. Killed it. I hope he cried, at home.

What's your best advice for a guy to approach a 10?

Are you saying I’m a ten? Stop it. I think that someone coming up to me just making me laugh, feel comfortable, being nice is the way to do it. I mean if you’re coming up all awkward with a lame pickup line, that’s gonna throw me off ‘cuz I’m gonna be like that guy that said “will you be my friends with benefits.”

Are there any miscommunication people may have about being the biggest model in the world right now? What don’t people understand about what it’s like to be in your shoes every single day?

I think that in every job someone has their down points and people won’t really understand, especially in a situation like I am in. I’m so grateful for everything I have, but there is definitely times that, you know, you wish things were different or you wish you had more sleep or didn’t live on a plane, but then again, I enjoy it.

How much do you like living on a plane?

Not a fan of it! You get into a mode, you know all the security guards at the airport. You get on the plane, you fall asleep before the plane even takes off.

Plenty of people dream of that life though…

That’s what I mean, though. There’s always ups to everything, but then doing that every day is a job. It becomes a job.

Describe Kate Upton’s idea of a dream date…

Kate: Well, I’m a horseback rider, so I feel like something to do with horses, maybe on the beach. That’s it, I don’t really care.

There’s so much more you can paint with that picture though!

Kate: Well, so I want to [have a person take me on] a date with horses, but then again do I want someone like riding with me? If I’m busy and I wanna talk to him, so maybe then we should just hang out and like go to dinner and stuff. You don’t know, depends on your mood.

EDM and DJs are all the rage right now. Do you have a favorite DJ? What’s on Kate Upton’s iPod? Do you bump to Levels as much as we think you do?



Shakes her head unknowingly. I like rap though.

Cool. We can talk rap. Who’s your favorite rapper right now?

I like Nicki Minaj right now. I have a little bit of a girl crush on her.

We thought for sure that you’d be like really into electronic music.


Dunno. It's super popular right now.

I like country and rap.

Really? What's your favorite country artist?

Right now, Miranda Lambert. We have a love-hate relationship, Miranda and I. The first time I hear her songs, seriously, I hate them. I hate them. And then I hear it again and I’m like 'This is my favorite song ever!'  So it takes us a minute. I’m not saying I hate DJs, I’m just saying it’s not on my iPod.

 I think half of the American male population just fell in love with you a little bit more. Any other hobbies beside horseback riding?

When I was growing up, I definitely dedicated my whole life to horses, I had a barn in my backyard and I trained my own horses but also I played tennis and I hung out with my family. I hang out with my friends. I like to go to the beach and that’s pretty much me.

And we end with a pic, ya know,  just to prove it happened:

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