Fun Text Game “Out of 10”

by 6 years ago

​You just got the girl’s number. Score. Hell yes. But you’ve only

talked to her for ten minutes and you don’t really know much about her.

You just know she’s hot and you want to see her again.

You want to text her, but you don’t want to get into that boring,

formal, interview mode conversation. You want to be different and keep

the interaction fun. The question is, how?!?

This is a fun game I’ll use through texting/phone/ and even in

person. It avoids the boring fluff talk and creates a very fun and

flirty vibe. I’ve done this a number of times and I can honestly say

it’s golden. I call it the “Out of 10″ text game. Here’s an example of

how it works:

You: Let’s play a fun game. It’s called “Out of ten.”

Her: (usually) Okay

[If she says no, just tease her and say “Wow. I thought you were fun, guess I was wrong.” She’ll usually play along after that.]

You:  The rules are easy. I’ll say a topic, and you reply with how

good you think you are out of 10, and then you pick a topic for me. Keep

it G rated please.

Her: Okay let’s do it!

You: Cooking

Her: 8. I make the best lasagna/cookies/etc. Lying

You: [It’s good to be sarcastic and have fun with it] I’m a master

chef with my George Foreman grill, but it’s good to know you can support

me if it ever breaks down. And I’m a 1. I’m a really unbelievable

compulsive liar, so it just makes things really awkward. Dancing.

Her: Hahaha I had that feeling about you! Jk jk. I’m a really good dancer, I’ve never had any complaints :p I’d say I’m a 9.

You: Wow I usually only hang with girls who are 10 out of 10 at

dancing, but I guess I can make an exception. Hopefully you can keep up.


Her: Hey! We’ll see if you can keep up with me! And I knew you were going to ask that :p I’m a 10.

The key is to keep it fun and flirty. Don’t take it too seriously. I

like to be a little ridiculous because it adds to the fun vibe.

Sometimes I’ll start off with a more neutral topic like cooking and make

the topics progressively more sexual. Sometimes I’ll just jump in and

start with something sexual . It can work either way.

You can also use this to build comfort. The main purpose is to learn

about each other in a fun way while creating a sexual vibe. This game

will help you stand out among all the other guys who ask the boring

“What do you do/what are your hobbies” questions.

These are some topics to get you started:






Mini Golfing






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