Blonde Goddess Gavin Leger Certainly Knows How To Wear The Hell Out Of A Bikini

Gavin Leger

John Neyrot

Every month our friends over at Bikini Team somehow manage to find a woman that for the most part we have never seen before that is simply off-the-charts sexy. I don’t know how they do it, but I sure wish I did.

The month of November is no exception as today we’d like you to take a few moments and have a look at Gavin Leger, the November 2015 Bikini Team Model of the Month.

We don’t know much about Gavin other than she’s on Instagram and Twitter, but what we do know is that she can rock a bikini like very others out there. And really, isn’t that what counts?

Gavin Leger 2

John Neyrot

Gavin Leger 3

John Neyrot

Check out the rest of Gavin Leger’s HOT photos for Bikini Team as well as other models here.

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