Genevieve Morton Is Still Getting Super Naked On Instagram And We Don’t Mind It One Little Bit

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When you really wanna swim but you forgot your swimsuit! 📸 by @rikerbrothers

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Remember how a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that my all time favorite Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Genevieve Morton was so naked on Instagram I was wondering how she hadn’t been banned?

Yeah, well, she’s still at it, God bless her.

As I mentioned the last time we gathered here to discuss her and her nakedness I said that I was rather perturbed that she hadn’t gotten the SI Swimsuit cover that she so very much deserved.

So that got me to thinking…these naked pics are coming out right around the same time as the latest Swimsuit Issue. Are these pics a big “F you” to them for not giving her the respect she most assuredly deserved? If so, I feel you, Genevieve, I feel you.

And if not, well, who cares? She’s still posting naked pics to Instagram so kudos to her (and her totally nude calendar).

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