College Girl Gives Up Career To Become A Porn Star, Now Makes $13 An Hour Because That Was A Brilliant Life Choice

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23-year-old Carly Rae Summers has a fashion degree from Manchester Metropolitan University, but rather than let four years of studying and a useless piece of paper determine her future, Carly decided to dive into the fun, safe, and well-paid world of porn…minus, y’know, the whole “fun, safe and well-paid” aspect of it. “When you think of porn you think of these bright orange girls with masses of make-up on” she explains, “I don’t want to be like every other porn star out there, I want to be me and no-one else.”

You are certainly achieving that life goal Carly, as most people who watch porn don’t describe themselves as having always been “fascinated” and thinking it was something they might want to try out as a career. Apparently finding a job in fashion is too hard though, as Carly laments that “If I wanted to get a job in fashion I’d have to do an unpaid internship for a year and work five days a week unpaid full-time.” Instead, Carly can earn as little as $13 an hour on 14 hours shoots. What sounds preferable to you: getting your vagina (you have a vagina in this example, just run with it) forcibly plunged on camera by a 9-inch dick and making $182 over 14 hours, or an unpaid internship? I enjoy long walks in the park, Carly enjoys getting sperm shot up her nose. Tomato, tuh-mah-toe.

And while I’m clearly a cynic, Carly believes that getting into porn truly changed her life for the better. Crying every day and with a bad case of depression, she “tried so hard” to make friends but was still alone. Then, porn came along. “I got into this and people were telling me I was beautiful and people wanted to know me, it brought me out of my shell and gave me confidence in myself and to believe in myself.”

“I suddenly had £100 in bank account every few weeks and I could go shopping and it made me happy.

One day I got an email through the website asking if i would like to make a porno and I was ‘yes I would love to that, it sounds amazing.”(via)

Carly does note that shooting porn isn’t all fun and games though, as in order to further her career she admits that she’s had to perform in films that she’s not “proud” of. “I did shoot once when I started out with a guy who was quite rough with me, the only one my mum has watched and gone you shouldn’t have done that, don’t do that again.”

Oh yeah, Carly’s mom watches her films and gives her advice…because that’s what a good mom does, y’know?

“I don’t know how she found it online” Carly continues, “originally my mum cared a lot, but since she has found out I’m not going to dodgy hotels she is more relaxed.”

Although porn may be bringing Carly happiness in the short-term, it appears that her long-term goals are more traditional:

“My ex boyfriend was all for it to start with but then I would go to shoots and he would think I was sleeping with the the photographer.

“I would rather do porn or have a boyfriend, not do both at the same time

“I’m torn between the two, I want the career and something to show for all my hard work but then I want the love life, i want the boyfriend i want the simple life.

“I want to be with someone for two, three years, and want to live with then and get a puppy together and that stuff, that’s the life style I am desperate for.”(via)

Sorry to break it to you sweetie, but if you’re looking for the white picket fence and two kids one dog sort of life, you’re hiking up the wrong trail.

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