Guy Asks Girls On The Street For Their Their Thoughts On Anal Sex And Man, You Will Learn So Many New Things

girls thoughts anal sex

YouTube - DefinePranks

So, this guy here, he decided that one day he was just going to go out on the street and ask random girls what their opinions are on anal sex. Why? Why do you think? So we’d watch it. Which we will, of course, because, yo, anal sex, right?

Anyway, he managed to find several women more than willing to be VERY candid about the subject, what they though of it, how it should be done, what should NOT be done, those sorts of things.

“I don’t get why guys like it,” says one young lady who I am guessing isn’t a real big fan of Ana’s Lex.

Also, come to find out, if you don’t know what you’re, uh, doing, umm, back there, apparently bad things can happen. I believe the phrase “horror stories” was used. Yeah

I think I will just leave it at that and let you watch the video you came here to see to find out the rest. Cool? Cool.