Gisele Bundchen Proved She’s The ULTIMATE MILF In This Sexy New Instagram Bikini Photo

by 3 years ago


Pretending that Gisele Bundchen had really low standards (and I mean center of the earth low) and wasn’t married to Tom Brady, I would 100% wife that up. She’s one of, if not THE hottest MILFs currently walking the planet today and it makes me cry tears of sadness to know that I’ll never come close to even breathing the same air she does. No really, she’s worth millions of dollars and breathes designer air that’s been filtered by organic flowers grown on a plantation down in Brazil. It’s how the 1% lives, didn’t you know?

But because you can never get enough of Gisele, here’s her smokin’ hot new bikini Instagram AND a bunch of gifs of her in lingerie. You’re welcome.

giphy (36) giphy (35) giphy (34) giphy (33) giphy (32)

[Images via Instagram]

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