Dude Telling His Mom Face-To-Face How He Lost His Virginity Looks Like Pure Torture

There are some things that are best left unsaid. You don’t need to tell your brother you love him. You don’t need to tell your dad to quit drinking. And you DEFINITELY don’t need to ever, under any circumstances, tell your mom in explicit detail about how you lost your virginity.

This clip from Cut Video is just one in-depth part of a supercut that they posted last week. It appears as if they gathered together a shit ton of people (and their parents) to force them into the most uncomfortable conversations ever recorded. If you missed that compilation of people telling their parents how they lost their virginities you can find that here, but don’t go clickin’ out of this article before watching this guy named Zack look his mother in the eyes and talk about how he lost his V-Card.

This concept is so inherently awkward that it makes mid-2000’s Ben Stiller uncomfortable. Paul Rudd had to look away from the screen while trying to watch this video, that’s how unacceptable this is.

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