Did You Know Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend Has Twin Daughters Who Love To Share On Instagram?

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These are our birthday suits, hbd fam 🕺

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Can you imagine having The Hoodie for a stepdad? I can’t decide whether that would be awesome or awful. My guess is that it’d be pretty awesome, because Bill Belichick actually seems to be a completely different dude when he isn’t doing New England Patriots stuff.

I mean, did you see that photo shoot he did with his girlfriend Linda Holliday for Nantucket magazine recently?

Wow, right? Aye, aye, captain!

Speaking of Belichick’s girlfriend and potential stepkids, I had no idea that Linda Holliday had twin daughters who like to do a little modeling. Their names are Kat and Ashley Hess. Kat was born first, according to Holliday (by 7 minutes), and they turned 25-years-old earlier this year.

Apparently the Hess twins are famous enough to try and crank out a living 21st century entrepreneur-style on Instagram and with their own web site where they do some modeling and talk about fashion. Or at least that’s what they are aspiring to be. So far they’ve only got around 15K Instagram followers, but it’s not for lack of cool stuff to view.

Check out some of the highlights from their shared account below (just don’t ask me which one is which)…

on thehesstwins.com | threads c/o @grettaluxe

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