9 Reasons Why Your Relationship Could Benefit From Using A High End Escort Service

by 2 years ago


Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a guarantee that your relationship is going to last? I would certainly do it. Now, I am all about honesty in a relationship so I only recommend this to men and women who are a little more open when it comes to their sexuality.  I am not a swinger, I don’t want my boyfriend to cheat, and I enjoy a monogamous relationship. However, call me crazy but I have recently come to the conclusion that men like variety, they are not perfect, and that a high end escort could save most marriages.  Why? Well, an escort will bring fun to your intimacy, or she will satiate the wild experience you’re looking for, in a non-emotional way. This would need to be disclosed and escorting would have to be legal, so we have a few hoops to jump through. Ultimately, this is my way of stating that I would be okay with this ( future boyfriend/husband/soul mate).

  • The thirst for a new pussy is real. That is a fact. And it sucks because you are not usually in need for a new wife or girlfriend at all, but just curious about sex with another woman. This would solve the problem without jeopardizing the relationship by 1. Cheating or 2. Getting emotionally invested with someone who doesn’t just think of your cock as money.
  • Not cheating is one of the keys to a successful relationship, especially when the other person finds out you did. If you could sit down and have an honest conversation about your needs and desires then conclude consensually that you were going to hire a lady, then this would be absolutely ideal.
  • Solo…. If it was me, I would ask that my partner did this activity solo,  I would just prefer the act to be him and this person so I could have him to myself when we were together.
  • Together….This could be fun too but it would take a particular person to want to try this out. Not necessarily a swinger but just someone that could watch their partner have no string attached sex, enjoy it and move on. I know a lot of people that are into this.
  • Non emotional- The great news is that most likely the woman whom you decide to fulfill your fantasy with does not care about you or hanging out with you or getting to know you. It would be her job and she would perform and get her money and then leave you, forever.  Perfect.
  • Things your girl wouldn’t want to do would be potentially attainable, of course with permission and conversation but, much more likely you would get to do acts or strange fetishes with this person who does it as her craft.
  • Having less of a reason to divorce- I mean many marriages ends over finances but they also end over a sexless relationship or a man whom wants to be with different women, well if the woman could potentially compartmentalize this idea as a literal service and not as a cheating scumbag of a husband then it would be mutually beneficial.
  • You will need money for this- You will definitely need funds to carry out these acts in the proper way and maybe that will give you more motivation to treat yourself annually or whenever you decide it Is necessary.
  • She is bound to be professional- she’s probably tested, wears a condom and cleans up the business, that seems like a way you want to go about it right?

What are your thoughts on this topic, comment below and please abstain from the mean ones.  A lot will need to change in our society for this idea to come into fruition but the first step is discussion.  Lets think about one of the reason escorting should be legal.  I also would like to say that I do not personally engage in this in any capacity currently but that I condone the behavior.  Thanks…



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