Smoking Hot MILF Hilary Duff Dyed Her Hair Green And It’s Pretty Mehhh

by 4 years ago


The other day I posted about how Hilary Duff is an “insanely hot bikini-wearing MILF” and then threw up a bunch of her Instagram photos where she’s in a bikini. I stand by my comments; Hilary Duff is indeed an “insanely hot bikini-wearing MILF.” But now, to my dismay, she has green hair. St. Patrick’s day is over Hilary. You missed that train by approximately 48 hours.

I don’t understand this trend of dying hair weird colors. If I dyed my hair bright blue and walked down the street everyone would stare at me, but Hilary Duff does it and now she’s a “mermaid,” according to herself. Why would anyone want to be a fish? The ocean is full of garbage and sharks. Who wants to live in a wet dumpster full of creatures that are actively trying to eat you? Silly Hilary, dye your hair back to blonde and you can rejoin your human companions on land.

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Mermaids luuh sushi💙💚 #sugarfish

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