This ‘Hot Naked Girl Office Prank’ Has A Hot Naked Girl In It So Obviously It’s Great

by 3 years ago
hot naked girl office prank

YouTube - Break

Want to make a video go viral? Step one: put a hot naked girl in it. There is no step two.

I don’t even really know what this prank is about I paid so little attention to the premise. I think it involved printer toner or something. Doesn’t matter.

The girl in the video has an Instagram account, that much I know.

Her name is Charlie Taylor. Here’s a photo…

Being a giraffe in the desert with @isabelleruen x @queencrowofficial

A post shared by Charlie Taylor (@charlietaylorofficial) on

Here she is naked in the video again…

hot naked girl office prank video

YouTube - Break

Here’s the video which you will watch for at least a few seconds just to see the naked girl…

You watched it, didn’t you? See?

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