Hottest Teacher I’ve Ever Seen Says 16-Year-Old She Had Affair With Wore Her Down

by 5 years ago

This is just sickening. The fact that teachers this hot exist, and yet I was forced to endure old, fat, frumpy educators… it’s enough to make your stomach turn.

34-year-old Utah teacher, Brianne Altice, apparently hit it off with one of her students who we’ll call “Legend.” Altice’s attorney contends that she repeatedly refused Legend’s advances, but ya know how these things go, and eventually they started boning. Hard. Like real hard.

Now, she’s getting charged with felony rape, and Legend has to put up with a presumably constant stream of high-fives from his peers. It’s believed that the pair had sex on many occasions, including a car outside a church parking lot. Wow, this story keeps getting hotter sadder.

While Legend admits that he consented to the multiple bangings, in Utah, it’s illegal for a teacher or authority figure to have sex with a person under 18. I understand why that law is in place, but c’mon, let’s get real. Any dude who is skilled enough to mack a 34-year-old so hard that she succumbs to his advances is clearly a man, and no longer a boy. I would grant him adult status and dismiss this case immediately.

If this case doesn’t get thrown out, I’d be happy to hire Ms. Altice as a private tutor. DM me on Twitter boo – @Brandandco


For even more photos of this hot teacher go to Daily Mail

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