Ranking Kate Upton’s 50 Hottest and Most Notable Moments of 2012

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Once again, Kate Upton ruled the world in 2012. No one quite had a year like she did, jumping from the Internet fringe to the mainstream. Thanks to countless magazine covers, photoshoots, commercials, viral stunts, and BroBible updates, Kate Upton — affectionately known to us as “The Most Viral Girl on the Web” — is now a household name. We're big fans. HUGE fans, in fact, and couldn't be happier for her. Looking back at the most dominate year of her young career, here are Kate Upton's 50 most important moments in 2012. Cheers to 2013, Kate.

Top pic via Terry Richardson.

50. Shows off her many talents in GQ Magazine's brilliant, “Many Talents of Kate Upton” video. Wet t-shirt contest, anyone? June 2012:


49. Poses for Beach Bunny Bikini pics. May 2012:


48. Wears a Yankees hat and little else for Terry Richardson. May 2012:


47. Dresses Casual for Beach Bunny Swimwear. April 2012:


46. Gets a Topps Trading Card. May 2012:


45. Stars in bizarre video for CR Fashion Book featuring a collage of adorable puppies, bunnies, ducklings, goats, babies, and, of course, a random dude dressed in a unicorn costume. September 2012:


44. Lands on the September 2012 cover of GQ Italia. August 2012:


42. Goes completely international with a photoshoot in Interview Magazine's Russia edition. August 2012:


41. Poses for the UK's Sunday Times. July 2012:


40. Gets naked for Contributor Magazine. August 2012:


39. Gracefully destroys a Skinnygossip.com fashion blogger who bashes her as a “well-marbled cow.” July 2012:


38. Causes wild Internet speculation about what's in her cup at a Detroit Tigers game. July 2012:


37. Poses with Aziz Ansari via Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar. April 2012:


36. Refuses to let Justin Verlander in the “Perfect” Club for MLB 2K12. March 2012:


35. Earns WAG status as rumors circulate that she's dating Justin Verlander, which is late semi-confirmed by his grandfather. October 2012:


34. Films a controversial Zoo York ad that's “banned” (air quotes) by MTV and Adult Swim for being “too controversial.” March 2012:


33. Models for November 2012 Issue of Vogue. October 2012:


32. Awkwardly declines Darren Rovell's invitation to be his Valentine. February 2012:


31. Poses for more awesome Beach Bunny Swimwear pics. February 2012:



30. Guest starred on Saturday Night Live's “What Up With That: President's Day Special.” February 2012:


29. Tweets out this amazing pic before heading out to the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party. February 2012:


28. Shows up to support her uncle, congressman Rep. Fred Upton, who won re-election to Congress in Michigan on Election Day. November 2012:


27.  Gets scene cut from the Three Stooges, which was the only good part about the shitty movie anyway. April 2012.


26. Hangs out with Kevin Durant and James Harden. April 2012:


25. Dances the “Cat Daddy” on Jimmy Fallon. June 2012:


24. Films an anti-bullying PSA, releases it on YouTube. April 2012:


23. Debates with Jessica Rafalowski over who has the best butt for Bikini.com. March 2012:


22. Poses for even more hot Beach Bunny Bikini pics. February 2012


21. Shoots this video for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which starts going viral late summer. August 2012:



20. Gets topless in a hot video for Esquire Magazine as a “Woman We Love.” The GIF is particularly delightful. January 2012:


19. Poses for a pic with Tim Tebow and Chrissy Teigen at the Super Bowl. Funny story emerges a few months later. February 2012:


18. Poses nude and topless for MUSE Magazine. February 2012:


17. Covers and poses topless in the November issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. October 2012:


16. Has Terry Richardson outtakes, courtesy of Terry Richardson's Tumblr. May 2012:


15. Has more outtakes, this time for GQ, courtesy of Terry Richardson's TumblrOctober, 2012:


14. Dances on a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot. GIF goes insanely viral. February 2012:


13. Is featured in Bikini.com's tremendous “Kate Upton Rocks the World” YouTube featurette. January 2012:


12. Models headphones for Skullcandy. At least we think we see headphones. August 2012:


11. Lands the cover and poses for a super-hot photoshoot in the February 2012 Issue of Esquire Magazine. January 2012:



10. Fires back at her haters, including Victoria's Secret Creative Director Sophia Neophitou, who calls her “too obvious” a choice for Victoria's Secret, comparing her to Page 3 Model. February 2012.


9. Stars in the most to-the-point DIRECTV commercial of all time. April 2012:


8. Stars in an amazing commercial for Carl's Jr. February 2012:


7. Lands the cover of GQ's July Issue. June 2012:


6. Interview with BroBible about Lacrosse and EDM. No humblebrag. April 2012:


5. Poses topless and sprayed by water for German Vogue photoshoot. December 2012:


4. Dresses up as the Easter Bunny. The GIFs are a huge Internet hit.


3. Stars in Beach Bunny Swimwear's most boobtastic video to-date. June 2012:


2. Lands the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. February 2012:


1. Does the Cat-Daddy for Terry Richardson. May 2012:

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