The Glass is Always Half Full at the Hottie Index

by 8 years ago

Kara Monaco
The summer television landscape is pretty empty. Usually you deal with a bunch of re-runs or second-rate shows that couldn’t cut it during the other times of year. CBS capitalizes on the dead time by bringing out “Big Brother” every summer. Some may knock the show, but it brings a level of entertainment (and gambling in the case of J. Camm and myself) that’s lacking in the summer. Plus, you can pull up nude screen caps of the cast that aren’t shown on CBS. That’s important when you have a former Playboy playmate on the show. Monaco is smoking-hot and will surely keep the show relevant for as long as she survives.

Kelly Brooke
Travelling to Italy is pretty grand. There’s great food, great views, and great beaches. Sometimes those second and third things are combined, especially with the amount of topless women that walk around the beaches in Italy. Brooke’s been travelling around Italy on vacation for the last week and although she hasn’t gone topless, her bikini photos keep popping up on the interweb. With jugs like that, it’s surprised she hasn’t popped out of her suit yet. Let’s hope she extends this vacation another week.

Hope Solo
Solo revealed this week that she appeared drunk on “The Today Show” after winning the gold medal in Beijing back in 2008. One can’t blame her if she had an all-night rager especially because she snuck some celebrity back to her room to get it in. Who wouldn’t celebrate winning a gold medal in style? Solo probably thought she could slip some news like that past the goalie since it was in the ESPN Body Issue (which we’ll touch on later) and people would be more focused on naked chicks and not seeing Gronk’s junk. But these eyes see everything (except Gronk’s junk, thankfully).

Ronda Rousey
Kim Kardashian’s rubbed plenty of girls the wrong way and Rousey’s the most recent opposition. It seems like she’s upset that Kardashian’s career was launched with a sex tape and now she’s a spokesperson for all sorts of things. We’re not going to sit here and knock Kardashian for that sex tape (frankly we wish every celebrity had one), but we can’t blame Rousey for wanting to kick her ass. Rousey definitely has the ability to get the job done given her history of an MMA fighter, but she’s also got a pretty nice physique to enter the Octagon with.

Ricki Noel Lander
Bob Kraft said goodbye to his late wife last year and it appears as if he’s finished grieving. He’s been hanging with Lander recently, who is more than half his age. Good for Kraft for getting after it even after he’s over 70. We hope to do the same. He’s trying to help Lander with her acting career and somehow clips from an audition for a new movie ended up on the internet. I’d hire her for her (cough cough) acting skills on the spot.

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