How Soon Will She Let You Bang Her?

by 6 years ago

​Knowing how soon a girl is willing to sleep with you is incredibly important, especially if you’re agenda is to bang 50 chicks by the end of the year. Sure, if you’re agenda is to land that really “good” girl and turn her into your wife, you might not care about wasting a few months of your life trying to get the bang.

That being said, I’m sure that most of you reading this would like to know ASAP if she’s DTF because if she’s not, you’re probably going to get it quicker trying it with a different chick.

When it comes down to it, I like to think there are 2 kinds of prospects:

The girl who likes and wants to get banged

This girl has three potential but very likeable qualities. She either likes you a lot, hasn’t gotten laid in a long time or genuinely likes sex so much that she’s willing to do it with you pretty soon.  Whichever one or all of these qualities she might posses; this girl will let you bang her soon.

Why? Because she wants it and she’s not ashamed to go for it. It’s that simple gentlemen.

This is the type of girl you want to be taking out on dates and spending that hard earn cash on.

The girl who isn’t so sure about getting banged

This second girl is a bit more different. She’s really unsure about what she wants and although she might like to get laid she can go a long time without it. I’m sure you’ve met this chick and I’m sure you’ve already seen how she can go on for months just with some “dating” attention and a bit of kissing.

Unfortunately, there’s no urgency, she doesn’t want to go for it, she doesn’t want it that bad which means this chick is a total ball buster for us horny dudes.

So, how can you tell which type of chick you’ve just taken out on a date?

The best way to know if that chick will bang you soon is by the end of the first date. Although we’ve looked at what you can do to increase your chances of scoring on a first date, this part will let you know if you’re going to bang this chick in the very recent future and if she’s obviously even worth going after.

To put this simply… at the end of the first date, if you try to make out with her and it doesn’t happen, you’re not going to bang her soon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you will NEVER bang her, I’m just saying that won’t happen soon and you’ll be chasing that tail for weeks.

This means that if she is going to make out with you, you will bang her pretty soon. I’m not saying it’s going to happen on the night, nor that it will the next day, however if you play your game right it will happen within a few days.

It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. If she doesn’t want to kiss you, she’s obviously the girl that’s not so sure about getting banged. Not only is she unsure about sleeping with you and wants to make you wait; she might actually not even like you since she’s not ready to go mouth to mouth. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because she agreed to go out with you, she’ll automatically be into you and therefore will sleep with you. It may very well be because she hasn’t been on a date for a while.

Also, don’t confuse making out with her on the first date, with making out with her that drunken night in the club when you met. It may just mean that she wanted to kiss a dude that night. However, intense saliva swapping at the end of the first date is a very good indicator that this girl is into you and will be willing to do the horizontal rumba dance any time now.

Finally, if the chick cancels your first date at the last minute, that’s another good indicator that you won’t be banging her any time soon. Personally, I’ve never been able to turn a last minute first date cancellation into a bang. That’s why I just move on when it happens.

Here’s a little example: I went out with this Easter European chick a few nights ago and I couldn’t get the kiss at the end of a three hour long first date. I should be thinking to myself, well… Easter European girls are more conservative, that’s just a cultural thing right? Wrong, I’ve been with plenty Eastern Europeans that I kissed and even banged on the first date.  Sure, I managed to get her on the phone again and while she kept saying she wanted to see me some more, it was only after a week because she had a lot of school work -> chick is obviously not going to let me bang her soon!

If you’re in that stage of your life where you want to bang as many chicks as you can in as little time as possible; don’t waste your time with time wasting chicks. On the other hand, if you’re not bothered by a few weeks of waiting then by all means…wait.

Just remember, if you don’t get the make out by the end of the first date, you’re going to have to wait at least 5-6 more dates before she lets you bang her. Make sure she’s worth it before you put in that kind of investment.

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