Stunning Nicole Scherzinger Doing Splits While Nailing Targets Is Basically ‘Hunger Games’ Porn

by 3 years ago

I honestly did not even know that there was a show called “I Can Do That,” however today I am fully aware of it after seeing scintillating Nicole Scherzinger in a skin-tight dress doing splits and firing a crossbow that is pretty much Hunger Games porn.

Apparently the show has been on TV since last month, which is news to me. It stars Scherzinger, Ciara, Cheryl Burke, and apparently there’s some borderlne C-level, probably D-level celebrity dudes on the show too, but whatevs.

Back to what’s important, Nicole Scherzinger. The lovely Nicole flaunted her talent, no it was not her mesmerizing cleavage, it was her archery skills. The former Pussycat Dolls lead singer is a badass shooter.

Here comes the moneyshot. While wearing a provocative gown and some seductive stilettos Nicole slithered down to the floor and did a pants-raising split. Then the sexy sniper hits an apple in the bullseye with the greatest of ease.

Your move Katniss Everdeen.

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