Some Instagram Chick Named Morgan Is Perfection, Has The Pics To Prove It

by 3 years ago

Ho hum, just another day browsing Instagram for me, seeing what friends post and… holy shit, who the fuck is this Morgan girl?

That’s just about the scene that happened while between flights during my trip to Miami today, as I was the weird dude at the gate going through some seriously hot pics of a girl I’ll never meet.

Baby be my oh hell yeah A photo posted by Morgan (@swedishkiller_xoxo) on Jul 17, 2015 at 1:53pm PDT


Sure, go ahead and call me a creep if you want to, but, by the power of the Internet, I think it was fate that I was recommended to follow Morgan’s Instagram account, who, happily, got me through the slight layover I had by giving me what I needed—a perfect ass.
A bit of a hardass based off of her bio, saying, “I grew up on an old dirt road in a town you wouldn’t know,” she goes on to add, “Be psycho, remain loyal, drink whiskey.”

Yep, she sounds like a hell of a winner if you ask me, nailing everything I’m looking for in a lady—especially the whole bombshell thing she has going on.

Now, I don’t know where the fuck this Morgan chick is or where she might have come from, but I want to thank whoever created her for doing one hell of a job, because she is damn near perfection if you ask me.

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