Bros, We Are In Love With His Hot Instagram Fitness Model Who Might Be The Next Jen Selter

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Girls have been hitting us up ALL the time ever since BroBible started an Instagram account a few months ago. In fact, I’m throwing around the idea of starting a daily series on BroBible called “Today’s Unicorn” where we pick a Unicorn of the Day a.k.a. a girl who falls in that precious sweet spot on Hot/Crazy matrix.

Today’s unicorn is @allyfitfreak, a up-and-coming fitness model on Instagram who aspires to be the blonde Jen Selter. She’s pretty rad and packs some A+++ Instagram heat game, so check her out. A compilation of her greatest hits below.

Today's Instagram unicorn: @allyfitfreak #digitsplease #howyoudoin

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Be strong, not skinny👙 #gainsonthereg #pancakesbaby

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