Plus-Sized Model Iskra Lawrence Strips Down On NYC Subway To Deliver Impassioned Speech About Body Acceptance

by 1 year ago

I was waiting, hoping, praying that after Iskra Lawrence gave that impassioned speech about loving yourself she began asking for a few bucks from the passengers to get blind drunk. That would have made this video transcendent. “Love your vessel! But right now my vessel needs a Colt 45 and a cigarette. Anything you could give would help.”

I must admit, typically models telling people to love their bodies holds as much weight for me as Mel Gibson telling others to be accepting of different religions. But Iskra talked the talk, stripped down in front of New York subway creatures and genuinely and eloquently spoke about her truth. She didn’t hide behind her social media following or self-indulgently make an awards show speech about body acceptance, she went into a subway cart with a man likely taking a shit behind her and delivered the message to the everyday folk. You may be able to hate on the message but you cannot hate on the means of delivery. Good on you, Iskra. Does this mean I can continue to skip the gym? Hashtag body acceptance.

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