Playboy Model Who Posts Naked Pics Traveling The World Has Pissed Off An Entire Country

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I had never heard of Playboy model Jaylene Cook until this morning. She’s hot, obviously, or she wouldn’t be baring it all in the pages of Playboy. She is also a world traveler who has picked up almost 300K Instagram followers by posting naked pictures of herself from her travels (pics below, obviously).

One of those naked pictures has her fighting a serious shit storm after she managed to piss off the entire country of New Zealand by sharing a completely naked picture of herself, posing at a sacred volcano. Actually, I lied. She’s not completely naked in the photograph because she’s wearing hiking shoes, gloves, and a beanie…But her bare body is completely exposed with parts of her chesticles blurred out. Unrelated to the anger from the New Zealand people, this is definitely one of the most naked pics I’ve ever seen on Instagram and it has to be pushing the boundaries of IG’s nudity policy.

The nude picture is below, but here’s the local Maori tribe spokesman’s response to the BBC about how offensive this is:

It’s like someone went into St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and took a nude photo. It’s a sacred place and something like this is just very inappropriate.

Apparently, this volcano is so sacred that it’s considered offensive just to climb the mountain. Sounds pretty fucked up, no? Well, here’s that photograph:

WE DID IT!! This was BY FAR the hardest thing I have ever done! Both mentally and physically. 2 minutes out of the car park I was already hurting, sweating and ready to turn back πŸ˜‚ But it's amazing what you can accomplish with the encouragement and support of your partner! I could not have done this without you babe @thejoshshaw! β€’ πŸ” Mount Taranaki Summit πŸ”­ 9000ft ❄️ -11'C/35km winds πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ 12.6km (1.6km elevation) ⏰ 2am – 6.30pm (12hr hike time) β€’ This climb has forever changed me. I proved just how far I could push myself and I am truely proud of my accomplishment. This mountain was steep, rugged, ever changing and just pure brutal! Safe to say, I will never do it again πŸ˜…

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To be fair, that is a pretty memorable picture. I just think that she could’ve achieved that same image on any number of peaks throughout New Zealand. It’s one of the most gorgeous countries in the world and she could’ve gotten naked anywhere.

Here’s what Jaylene Cook’s other scintillating travel pics look like:

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