Jen Selter Allegedly Earns $50K Per Ass Shot

by 3 years ago

Instagram / Jen Selter

People say Jen Selter has a million dollar ass. Not quite but pretty close.

Selter’s amazing assets translate into money. Well, it’s her social media presence that makes her the back, but we all know people follow her on Instagram just to see her do squats and try on yoga pants.

According to Squander, Selter pulls in the most cash from sponsored posts.

But how do you convert the perfect back-side into dollars? The question is as old as human civilization, but in the 21st century, the perfect butt means 5 million Instagram followers. That translates to almost $50,000 per sponsored post. She doesn’t abuse this too much though, only the occasional supplement company. She is, after all, inspiring millions of women to firm up their booties. And in only 12 months, she went from 1 million followers to 5 million. Not bad.

Celebrities insure body parts all the time so I’ve got to assume Selter’s ass is insured. God forbid anything happens to Selter’s amazing money maker.

[H/T: Squander]

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