These 20 CRAZY HOT New Pics Of Jenna Dewan Show Just How Freaking Lucky Channing Tatum Really Is

by 2 years ago


Jenna Dewan-Tatum seems like a pretty cool wife, at least as far as Hollywood standards go.

Anyone who is daring enough to wear this underboob-revealing outfit on Conan knowing full well that she’ll be sitting next to David Spade definitely has some guts.

She also is down with her husband Channing Tatum taking pics of her without a shirt on and letting him post them online. Heck, she was even actually the one that posted them. Very cool.

Then there was that whole threesome talk with Emilia Clarke… whoa.

So yeah, Jenna Dewan-Tatum seems like a pretty cool wife.

You know what else makes her cool? The fact that she looks like an absolute dime in these new pics and video she shot for Danskin.







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