Jenna Dewan Tatum Shared Some Very Revealing New Lingerie Pics And People Had Thoughts

Jenna Dewan Tatum is one of my all time favorite celebrity wives. She might actually be number one, but that would require some actual thought and who has time for that ish?

I guess if I did think about it I would have to go by which husband am I the most jealous of in Hollywood and Channing Tatum would definitely be right up there.

Jenna’s body of work over the years is certainly something that would make one envious of Channing.

There was her “girls night pillow fight” which was pretty cool. She lets Channing take sexy half-naked pics of her and then post some of them to Instagram. Also cool. And her description of their sex life is also definitely something to envy.

Heck, even Emilia Clarke wants to have a threesome with them. So yeah, add all that up and mix in the fact that she’s athletic, fit and drop-dead gorgeous and I guess she would be number one.

Oh yeah, the whole reason you’re here: those new lingerie pics she recently shared to Instagram. They’re yet another reason why Channing Tatum is a very lucky man.

Of course, some trolls out there were flipping her shit for posting the pics like these because “she’s a mom” which I guess means she committed some sort of crime. Thank goodness they were more the exception than the rule.


And since it’s been four months since we last checked in on her ‘gram here are a few recent bonus pics…