Jenna Dewan Once Again Shows Why Channing Tatum Is One Of The Luckiest Men On Earth

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Those 90's dreams

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Jenna Dewan Tatum is hands-down one of the coolest, sexiest wives, celebrity or otherwise, on the planet.

Why do I make such a bold statement?

Well, for one, the last time we checked in on Channing Tatum’s better half she’d just engaged in a pillow fight in her underwear with some of her friends.

Then there’s…

2. She lets her husband take sexy pics of her without her shirt on.

3. She doesn’t mind when he posts photos of her sleeping naked on Instagram.

4. Her description of her sex life with her husband makes them sound like freaks in the sack.

And finally, there’s this…

So yeah, she’s also, as you can see, really easy on the eyes.

Today we are going to focus on that last point as she just did a wonderful new photo shoot and interview for something called Prestige magazine, AKA my new favorite publication.

P R E S T I G E #worldofdance

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