Jessica Biel Is Returning To TV, Shared Her ‘Secret Talent’ As Part Of A Sweet New Photo Shoot

Jessica Biel, 35, one of the previous decade’s holy trinity of Jessicas (along with Alba and Simpson), is headed back to television to star in a 8-episode series on USA Network called The Sinner. According to Wikipedia, the show’s plot goes something like this, “The series’ first season follows the events that happen after a young mother commits a public act of violence, but has no idea why she did.” Pretty sure Biel will be the one playing the young mother.

Man, how long has it been since we got to see Jessica Biel on a television show? Let’s see…she was on an episode of New Girl back in 2014. Then before that…it looks like we have to go all the way back to the 7th Heaven days when she made a triumphant return to the show in 2006, the final season, after not appearing on it since 2003.

Awesome. I have definitely missed seeing her on my TV and this new limited-run series actually looks like it might be worth a look. As does this new photo shoot she did for Marie Claire and the video they shot where Biel discusses her “secret, totally useless talent.”

Nice, right? And here are some pics and videos from her upcoming series. I’m telling you this might actually be good. Check it…