Joanna Krupa Did The Mannequin Challenge Naked, Crushes All Other Mannequin Challenges Into Dust

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Just when I thought that the Mannequin Challenge was about done and ready to ride off into the sunset to hang out with the Harlem Shake and Tebowing smokeshow Joanna Krupa goes and does this.

(Actually, I thought that should have happened a few weeks ago when Jerry Jones did it, but here we still are.)

Leave it to Krupa, the former Playboy model (do Google her pics, they’re A-MAZING) and reality TV star, to take this stupid internet fad out of the dumpster and make me actually care about it.

The best part of her effort is that she not only did it on video, like you’re supposed to, she also posted a still shot just for good measure.

My version of the #mannequinchallenge ☺️ by @romainzago #joannakrupa. #nofilter

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