Joanna Krupa Is 37 Years Old But Judging By This Fire Thong Underwear Selfie, I Call Bullshit

by 1 year ago


It’s been seven years since the mind-bogglingly hot Joanna Krupa appeared in Playboy Magazine (NAKED!). My colleague and women connoisseur Doug Charles claims Krupa’s pictorial in Playboy is one of, if not the, best Playboy pictorial of all-time. And that’s saying something considering she’s competing with the likes of Bo Derek, Cindy Crawford, and your mother.

Krupa is 37-years-old now and posted a thong underwear selfie to her Instagram that truly is age defying. To put that in perspective, Mama June from Honey Boo Boo is the same age. Slightly different results…

Here are a few more pics in case you need more proof.

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