JoJo Hanging In A Swimsuit By The Pool Will Definitely Not Hurt Ticket Sales To Her Concerts

Remember when singer JoJo Levesque (yes, that is her last name, in case you didn’t know) used to act? I know it’s been awhile so you might not. She first started making a name for herself in acting, appearing in movies like Aquamarine and RV (with Robin freaking Williams) back in the mid-2000s. She even did a guest spot on Hawaii Five-0 as recently as 2011. But apparently, much like Taylor Momsen (remember her?), singing is just JoJo’s real love so that’s where she’s been focusing her energy pretty much ever since.

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From the looks of JoJo’s Instagram account she’s been performing a lot of concerts this year. Hmmm, wow, she has been on one seriously aggressive tour schedule this year. No wonder she took some time off recently to chill by the pool. I’d be dead if I had to travel around performing as often as she’s been doing.

Too bad she basically quit her acting career though, because now about the only time we get to see JoJo is on social media. Oh well, at least she’s really good at it, so that counts for something, right?