The Woman Whose Booty Pic Caused LeBron James To End His Social Media Blackout Has Been Found

by 5 years ago
Josett Latrice LeBron James booty pic girl

Josett Latrice, Instagram

Remember a few days ago when LeBron James ended his self-imposed social media blackout by liking a booty pic of a young woman on “perfectbooties” on Instagram?

Well, TMZ, of course, tracked her down and it turns out that Josett Latrice is the woman “behind” the booty pic that caused LeBron James to become so thirsty he broke his own pledge.

In the video below Josett Latrice says that she loved the fact LeBron liked her picture. One can only imagine. Quite the ego-booster that would be. Latrice also told TMZ that while she’s been studying to be a veterinarian now she’s giving some serious though about going into modeling instead.

Check out a few of her Instagram snaps below and you tell us, would that be a good decision? Or a great one?

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