Bella Thorne’s Older Sister Kaili Was Back In A Bikini, Should Really Be More Famous

You guys remember Kaili Thorne, Bella Thorne’s older sister, right? You remember, there’s Kaili, who’s the oldest, then Dani, then Bella. Yes, it is quite the family tree.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, Bella is the most famous one of the three. She must be a better actress is the only reason I can figure because as far as looks go, Kaili and Dani are just as, if not more easy on the eyes than Bella is.

Kaili has only been on shows and in movies that I’ve never heard of like Children of the Machine, The Tribes of Palos Verdes, Late Bloomer and Ice Scream. She did make one appearance on CSI: Miami in 2010 The O.C. way back in 2006, but those were like 100 years ago.

Too bad, because as she proved once again, Kaili is definitely someone I wouldn’t mind seeing more of on my television.


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