Here’s Kaley Cuoco Showing Off Those Sweet Fake Boobs That She’s So Very Proud Of

by 2 years ago

Back in April of 2014 Kaley Cuoco mentioned in an interview with Cosmo that getting breast implants at age 18 was the β€œbest decision [she] ever made.”

Considering that she’s been raking in millions on one of the most popular TV shows of all time that’s really saying something. Because I am pretty sure that her boob job isn’t why she got and has kept that gig for all these years. Then again I could be wrong, this is Hollywood after all, but I’m just saying.

Not that we too don’t appreciate the fact that Kaley Cuoco sports a seriously sweet rack, because of course we do. Otherwise why else would we all be here today to look at this photo below that she shared to Instagram yesterday?

Good stuff, Kaley.

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