Kaley Cuoco Is Getting Divorced Like A Total Boss, Gets To Keep $72 Million ‘Big Bang Theory’ Fortune

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When Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting announced they were breaking up back in 2015, people instantly began to wonder who would get to keep Cuoco’s massive Big Bang Theory fortune. She signed a contract a few years ago estimated to be worth $1 million an episode for the show’s 72 episodes in Seasons 8-10, which concludes next year.

TMZ got their hands on the settlement for the divorce and it turns out Cuoco is walking away as a big winner thanks to some nuptial foresight with a pre-nup. She’ll get to keep that $72 million, plus two dope houses in California. Via:

We obtained the settlement agreement between Kaley and her now-ex hubby, tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, and she made out well, and the key is her prenup.

Kaley got hitched in 2013, and months later she reportedly signed a staggering $72 million contract — $1 million an episode for 72 shows. That money is protected under the prenup — it’s all hers.

On top of that, she gets their home in Tarzana and their Santa Barbara area beach house.

Her ex, with significantly less assets to his name, is walking away with pocket change from his rich wife of two years: Cuoco will give Sweeting $165,000 grand as a “see ya” gift, plus whatever gift cards the two have as a couple. Hopefully she has a whole kitchen drawer full of Benihana gift cards.

He walks away with a lump sum parting gift of $165,000. She’s also agreed to pay the $195,000 bill for his 2 personal trainers.

Oh, one other thing. He gets to keep whatever cash and gift certificates in his possession. So, dinner at Chili’s?

Kaley Cuoco just owned her ex. Good thing she had that pre-nup or else half that could her ex’s.

Take note, high net-worth Bros — That’s how you get your divorce on. I think the news of her pay day calls for a Kaley Cuoco GIF celebration.

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