Get Ready To Meet Your New Dream Bae In A Bikini: Hooters Girl Kammie Donyece

Kammie Donyece bikini team model

YouTube - Bikini Team

As we turn the page on yet another month on the calendar that can only mean one thing: our buds over at Bikini Team have once again discovered a sexy young lady who we were not aware of before.

For December their newest Bikini Model of the Month is the lovely and talented Kammie Donyece. Kammie is a Hooters Girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma and was the winner of Bikini Team’s September 2015 Model Search which earned her a trip to the Miss Swimsuit USA Finals. (That definitely sounds like an event to add to the ole bucket list.)

So with credentials like that what’s not to like about Kammie Donyece? Answer: Nothing, nothing at all.

Kammie Donyece bikini team model 2

John Neyrot

Kammie Donyece bikini team model 3

John Neyrot

Check out the rest of Kammie’s sizzling shoot as well as all of Bikini Team’s models right here.