Kate Upton And Her Big Ol’ Boobies Got Hot Again, Here She Is Topless On The Bed In White Lingerie

by 3 years ago

Instagram / Kate Upton

It seemed like for a hot minute there the world had turned on Kate Upton, girlfriend of Justin Verlander, and owner of some of the world’s largest boobs. Well, Kate just threw up one massive middle finger to all her haters out there with quite possible the hottest pic we’ve seen from her in what seems like a decade (but really it’s just been like 6 months). Honestly, I’m not sure why you’re still even reading this when you should be scrolling down to see a topless Kate Upton rocking a ‘handbra’ on her bed, barely able to cover up the biggest boobies west of the Allegheny River:

Presumably Kate’s in town (NYC) right now for New York Fashion Week, which has me wondering why she hasn’t tried to holler at me yet. Doesn’t she remember the time we kicked it in Bryant Park for some Sobe event? Or the time we took got popcorn together at the premiere of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’ Friends With Benefits? All of this actually happened, hand on the bible, so I’m wondering how we’re not best friends forever right now?

Anyways, here’s what Kate Upton’s been wearing for the rest of #NYFW:

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