40 New Bikini Photos of Kate Upton Hit the Internet

by 7 years ago

Damnit, Kate. You're beautiful and pretty much every dude in the world thinks you're quite sexy. However, you're on a fast path to super model irrelevance if you keep polluting the entire Internet with a new batch of photos every three days. At this rate, everyone is going to be like “meh — Kate Who?” by mid-July. And that's no good for someone who still has a lot of game to bring to the plate. To quote my esteemed colleague AG this afternoon, “Kate Upton is on the verge of jumping the shark.” This is coming from a guy who called Duke winning the National Championship in 2010 in August, two months before the tip-off of the college basketball season. 85 percent of the time he's right, which is why he kills at the sports book when he goes to Vegas. So… Unfortunately we're going to have to do the unthinkable and take a little Kate Upton break around here, unless she drops some photos showing off all her body in the nekked. It's nothing personal, Kate: We're just going to have to give you up for Lent.





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