Kate Upton Just Did A New Photo Shoot That We’re Quite Sure You’re Going To Want To See

The past few years, ever since her second Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, Kate Upton hasn’t done nearly as many modeling spreads for magazines as she used to do. However, this year she came back and did another Swimsuit Issue, getting the cover yet again (divas get covers, allegedly), and as amazing as it sounds to me, she is still only 25-years-old. I guess when you’ve basically been famous since you’re 18 you somehow seem older just because you’ve been around for so long.

Still, like I said, ever since that 2013 Swimsuit Issue cover we haven’t seen Upton doing much in the way of magazine photo shoots. Sure, she was also in the 2014 edition (zero gravity, anyone?), but outside of that she’s been busy trying her hand at acting and spending time with her man, Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

So it’s with great pleasure today that we get to see her back on the modeling trail, doing a new and very good photo shoot for something called Daily Front Row. No idea what that is, but good job, you.

Oh yeah, Upton also has a movie coming out, pretty much going straight to video on August 3, called The Layover with dun-dun-dun Alexandra Daddario, AKA the girlfriend of Justin Verlander’s luckyass brother. The movie, a “road-trip sex comedy,” finished shooting way back in June of 2015 so don’t expect a great plot should you happen to watch it.