People Keep Telling @EntyLawyer That Kate Upton Is Pregnant

by 6 years ago

Twitter's Enty Lawyer ‏ @entylawyer blasted out this Tweet earlier this morning:

Yeah, we're scratching our heads too. It seems like a silly thing to say and a foolish rumor to spread. But here's the thing. Enty Lawyer isn't just some random dude. He's the anonymous, so-called “Hollywood insider” behind the celebrity gossip blog Crazy Days and Nights. His blog has scooped some crazy celebrity stories, perhaps most notably the rumors over the summer about Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz having a threesome in Paris with Tara Reid. Interestingly enough, there's not a post on his site about his “news” regarding The Most Viral Girl in The World, so who knows? Take anything and everything with a grain of salt. Upton's simply one of the most buzzworthy celebrities in the world right now, and, well, sadly stuff like this just feeds the rotten, scummy beast with many heads that is the celebrity tabloid gossip machine. Don't blame us: We're just letting you know what some anonymous dude said. On Twitter. Lacking any sort of veracity at all other than “someone told me.” Sadly, social media and banana phone have waaayyy too much in common.

/End rant. Oh, and here's Kate leaving the Met Gala in New York City with Aziz Ansari the other night:

Props: Bobs Blitz

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