Throwback To That Time Kate Upton Wore A Wet T-Shirt In Perhaps The HOTTEST Video We Have EVER Seen

by 2 years ago

YouTube - GQ

As I sat here contemplating this week’s “Throwback Thursday” I wondered what could I possibly do to top last week’s topless Mila Kunis?

Pretty freaking tough to beat that, am I right?

So I got to thinking? What is perhaps the hottest thing I have seen on the internet over the last five years? And it hit me: Kate Upton recently shared a photo to her Instagram that was really pushing the limits of their no nipple policy. PLUS, Kate Upton was the fucking bomb there for the early part of this decade. Slaying with SI Swimsuit covers and making all sorts of sexy videos.

But which video was the best I asked myself. Out loud. Oh yeaaah, the one where she climbs out of the pool for GQ in a see-through and very wet white t-shirt. Pretty sure I went through puberty a second time after seeing that!

So here we go. First a few screencaps to whet the appetite then on to the main course – “The Video.”


YouTube - GQ


YouTube - GQ

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