The 21 Hottest Things Kate Upton Has Ever Done, In Honor of Her 21st Birthday

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June 10th is a national holiday here at BroBible. That’s because today is Kate Upton birthday. And, as many of you are well aware, Kate Upton turns 21 today. Happy birthday and happy boozin’, Kate!

Our modus operandi around here is pretty clear: “Kate Upton is the motto.” That’s how we’ve earned our reputation as the Kate Upton News Network. Though it seems like much longer, it’s only been two and a half years since this All-American bombshell from Melbourne, Florida stole the hearts of many-a-man around the world and started taking the modeling world by storm. As a tribute to BroBible’s favorite model, let’s look back and some of Upton’s hottest moments to date.

God Bless America and God Bless Kate Upton!

Note: We’ve used a lot of videos and GIFs in this post, so give it a few seconds to load… 

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21. March 2011: Models for Victoria Secret, then proceeds to defend her honor after being bashed by Victoria’s Secret’s creative director after becoming super famous. Victoria’s Secret publishes the pics in their Spring 2013 Catalog.


20. June 2012: Lands the cover of GQ’s July Issue. Shoots hot “Many Talents of Kate Upton” video: 



19. June 2013: Busts out of her shirt on the set of “The Other Woman”


18. February 2012: Eats a cheeseburger in a Carl’s Jr.’s Commercial:


17. July 2011: Stars in Sobe’s awesome staring contest





16. February 2011: Dancing for the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue



15. June 2012: Stars in Beach Bunny Swimwear’s most boobtastic video to-date. 


14. April 2012: Interview with BroBible about Lacrosse and EDM. No humblebrag.


13. February 2012: Glorious bouncing supercut hits the Internet.


12. December 2011: Dresses as a sexy nun in a bikini scene that’s eventually cut from the Three Stooges movie.


11. February 2012: Lands the cover of Esquire, goes topless: 





10. February 2012: Stars in a wet, hot Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial


9. April 2012: Stars in the most pointless DIRECTV commercial ever.


8. December 2012: Poses topless and sprayed by water for German Vogue photoshoot.


7. Gives us our favorite GIF ever: 


6. February 2010: Posts awesome selfies on Twitter




5. April 2011: Does the “Dougie” at a Clippers Game



4. April 2012: Dresses up like an Easter bunny


3. February 2012: Dances for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue… Again:


2. February 2012 and February 2013: Back-to-back performance, featured on the cover of the 2012 AND 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Ensuing photoshoots bring men to their knees.


1. May 2012: Does the Cat Daddy for Terry Richardson. Internet melts for a day.

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