These Katee Owen Bouncing GIFs Are Distracting Me From Everything Else Today

by 3 years ago


You’ll never catch me saying one, bad word about my job. Ever.

Getting the chance to write every single day and, hopefully, entertain you guys is just about the best thing in the world. Really, where else can you get away with Google searching “Boobs” every so often and actually have that lead to a job well done?

Unfortunately, not every day is as productive as others.

For instance, take this morning, where I found some of the most mind-boggling GIFs from on of the sexiest girls around, Katee Owen, which are quite the distraction from everything else I have on my schedule today.

Meetings? I’ll miss them. Lunch? I’ll skip it. Any other Internet story that might be popular today? Take a back seat, because these GIFs have literally been on my computer screen for the past two hours.

Not shy to show her enthusiasm and energy, Katee Owen deserves all of the attention I’m giving her—and, trust me, she’ll be grabbing a lot of yours after seeing her bounce around so lively.


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