Here’s Katharine McPhee In A Wet T-Shirt In Case You Missed That Episode Of ‘Scorpion’

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Katharine McPhee Scorpion

Katharine McPhee, Instagram

Cheers to you too, Katharine McPhee.

Former American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee has made quite a career for herself on television. Not only has she put out four musical albums she’s also now had starring roles on two television shows, Smash and this CBS show Scorpion. Who knew she was so multi-talented.

This show Scorpion must not be too bad either since it was renewed for a second season and just started up again in September.

I haven’t watched it myself, but if they’re going to keep having scenes where Katharine McPhee runs around in a wet t-shirt like they did in the second episode this season I might have to give it a watch sometime.





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