Katrina Bowden Just Dropped Some New Bikini Pics That Really Make Us Miss Seeing Her On TV

Anyone else ’round here miss seeing Katrina Bowden on your TV set? I still can’t figure out why she’s dialed back on her acting so much to focus on being a fitness blogger.

I mean, it’s not like she didn’t have a very successful career as an actress happening when 30 Rock went off the air. The show was a fan fave and she was a solid part of its success. She had an acting career going that hundreds would have given their left arm to achieve. Not that she’s quit acting completely, it’s just that the roles she’s either chosen or been given have both been few and far between as well as less than stellar.

Oh well, I guess she has her reasons and certainly doesn’t have to live her life to please me, that’s for damn sure. At least she didn’t completely disappear and this fitness thing she’s got going on results in the occasional set of bikini pics like these so really I guess it’s all good. (I have no idea what I am talking about. Here are the new pics as well as some other nice photos she’s shared since we last checked in with her. You’re welcome.)









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