Katy Perry Hit The Beach… In A Bikini… And Well, That’s All You Really Need To Know

Let’s not beat around the bush here. You know, and I know, that you only clicked this link to see Katy Perry in a bikini.

However, since I can’t just throw up some Katy Perry bikini pics with no accompanying “words” here is some of those “words” from People magazine commenting on the photo you see below…

The 32-year-old singer shared a sunny new snap with her 64 million Instagram followers on Tuesday. Showing off her super-fit figure in a dusty-rose, retro swim outfit, Perry sits on a rock with what looks like an ocean view in the background. She wears a straw sun hat emblazoned with the message, “Start me up.”

But what might be the biggest standout in the snapshot is what the “Chained to the Rhythm” songstress is holding in her right hand: a copy of Susan Bordo‘s new nonfiction tome The Destruction of Hillary Clinton.

Is that enough? I mean, they wrote more about it, but like I said, “words.”

Here’s the picture they’re talking about…

Now here’s what you really came here for. We good? Cool. (By the way, definitely be sure to keep swiping right on the first three Instagrams below.)

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