Katy Perry Dancing Around And Having Fun In A Bikini On A Boat In Italy Is Vacation Goals

I guess after you travel all over the world and finish up with a four-day live stream on YouTube to promote your new album like Katy Perry did a little trip to Italy for a vacation is in order. Plus she starts her concert tour up in Australia very soon so I can see how she might gave needed a break.

Wonder what I would need to do to warrant my taking a vacation on a bigass boat in Italy? Oh, right, that’s probably not ever happening. So I guess I will just live vicariously through Katy Perry today by watching her get her dance on celebrating the fact that she’s on vacation.

That reminds me, I still need to plan out my annual summer trip to a water park in some town no one’s ever heard of where I will chase my kids around half the day and probably get sunburn because of my sweet golfer’s tan. Who are you jealous of now, huh? That’s what I thought. Here’s Katy…


You know what, I might just have to catch one of her concerts the next time she rolls through my neck of the woods…

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