Katy Perry Is Still On Vacation In Italy, Still In A Bikini On The Beach, Still Awesome

I’m a big fan of Katy Perry. Not so much for her music, though some of her songs like Roar and Firework are catchy ear-worms. I mean that she seems like she’d be a pretty cool hang as far as big-time celebrities go. Oh sure, she lives in a whole different universe than us, but relatively-speaking she seems like she’s pretty chill. Maybe I spent too much time watching her four-day live stream and have been fooled, but we all have to have fantasies, right?

Anyway, Perry has been over in Italy on vacation for quite a while now and she’s been spending a lot of time on the various beaches over there. I know she needs to rest up before her big tour starts in Australia soon, but man, if I spend more than four days away from home I start to get itchy about getting back. There are only so many days I can go to the beach or live in a hotel room. Then again, like I said, Katy Perry lives in a whole different universe than we do, so maybe she really enjoys it. Even if she does actually look a little bored in these latest pics.






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