Kayden Kross Gives Five Books Every Freshman Guy Needs to Read, Plus a Very Important Sex Tip

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Without further ado…

You’ve written one short story, “Plank,” that’s been published, and now I understand you're working on an autobiography?

I guess you could call it an autobiography. I’m in it and writing it and it’s true, but it’s not supposed to be so much about me. It’s more about tracking four to six weeks in the industry and follows mostly relationships when you’re in porn. People want to know how you have them romantically and with your family. They want to know how you deal with kids or intend to deal with kids in the future. People can’t wrap your head around how you do porn and have normal social interactions.

I kind of started writing it as a joke. Then it became a long blog, then suddenly it was 50 pages and I said well this is too long for a blog [laughs]. I got more and more into it. It follows two couples who start more or less at the same time, and the other couples are more minor characters.

You see the different ways things play out. For example, there’s this one scene where there’s this orgy, and there’s another scene where these two couples are paired with the other person, and they’re close friends, but it’s just such a weird thing. And it also deals with parents and gatherings and Christmas and Thanksgivings and what happens when people choose to do something that goes against society.

What’s the response been like from the literary community? At the beginning I'm sure there was curiosity because of your other career, but have people have been able to look at your writing from outside of work with adult film?

I feel like the response because I’m a porn star has been like, “Oh! It’s like a dog that can do tricks!” [laughs]. And that’s fine, I’ve been here long enough, you expect that…. There are people who think it’s all a big f*cking joke. They don’t think that anyone who has done porn or is currently doing porn, especially a female, would have anything to say or worth hearing, or is able to put thoughts down in an interesting or literary way. I know I’m going against a lot, but I also, at the same time, have an established name and fan base who Tweets at me and asks “Are you done with [your book] yet?” No! Don’t ask me overnight [laughs]. I know the reception I have, good or bad, is going to be colored no matter what I want to do. I guess it’s up to me to rise above it or fall underneath it.

Right. So if your book does well, do you see yourself stopping acting? Or do you enjoy it enough to continue?

I think the acting is on its own schedule completely independent of anything I do with writing. In a really great world, I would be able to finish this book and get it to print while I’m in the industry… But I have an end date in my head when I’m going to quit adult, and it just has to do with not wanting to be on the other side of my peak. I’m in a good spot now. I want to quit while on top.


Five books you’d recommend a freshman to read:

1. “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand (Endorsement: “You’re going to love it at 18 and turn away from it at 19. I think it gives you a great perspective—but just don’t stay with it!”)

2. “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men” by David Foster Wallace

3. “White Noise” by Don DeLillo

4. “Now is the Hour” by Tom Spanbauer (Endorsement: “Not a well known one, but it’s f*cking amazing.”)

5. “Stories in the Worst Way” by Gary Lutz (Endorsement: “Lutz has an incredible way of writing. He puts sentences together in the most unique way that kind of makes you feel like you need to go shower at the end.”

Rapid Fire Round! 

Greatest career influence?

Lisa Ann

Biggest turn on from a guy?

When he gets in my ear and talks really, really low and fast.

Best date you’ve ever been on?

Most have happened in a bed [laughs]. I don’t do first dates! I don’t do the thing where you go out and exchange your list of siblings and sh*t like that.

Favorite position?

Depends on the guy.

Historical figure you most want to bang?

F. Scott Fitzgerald.

One sex tip every guy needs to know?

Whatever pressure you’re putting on the clit, f*cking lighten up! There are 8,000 nerve endings there, you have 4,000 in the end of your penis! Lighten the f*ck up!

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