Remember The Oregon State Library Girl? She Filmed Her First Professional Adult Flick And The Trailer Is Here

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All the way back in January of 2015, Kendra Sunderland entered our life. We, and you our readers, were instantly hooked.

Here was the woman with the beautiful temerity to do a cam performance in her college library and, when she became a national news story, embraced the attention that came her way, proud of her actions.

You’re damn right we are fans. Since then, we’ve followed her every move, as she dabbled in the sex toy business, repeatedly got banned from Instagram and Snapchat, and took up stripping.

And today, today, she officially has gotten her start in the adult film business.

Honestly, now I know how Chelsea felt introducing Hillary last night. You follow someone for so long, with respect and admiration, and

I need a minute.

I’m just, so, so proud.

She shot the film with Vixen, a just launched “online erotic destination.” It’s titled “My Friend’s Daughter,” and it’s about a guy doing his friend’s daughter. (Kendra is the daughter.)

Here’s what she had to say about the experience.

“Greg [Lansky, Vixen COO] and his team’s professionalism and hospitality far exceeded any expectation I could’ve possibly had. I was treated like a princess the entire time and had such an incredible experience—this was my first time on camera with a partner! I’m honored that Greg chose my first scene to be the debut of and I’m so excited to see it.”

Lansky, for his part, said he loved working with Kendra.

“I am thrilled that Kendra is inaugurating the public launch of In very little time, her fearless personality has made her one of the most popular names in the adult industry. Kendra is committed, genuine and so inspiring to work with. Her beauty inside and out completely resonates with our brand. I was very impressed by her performance and I know our members will be as well. There will definitely be a lot more collaborations between us in the future.”

It debuts on August 2nd and I implore all Bros to do their part and get to the viewing booth to make Kendra’s debut a smashing success.

Oh. The trailer. That can be accessed (remember it’s a pornography so you can’t (well you can, I don’t care) watch it at work) by going to Vixen dot com and scrolling down to “Upcoming Scenes.”

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