The Oregon State Library Girl Knows You’re Too Cheap To Pay For Porn, So She Dropped Some Free Shit For You To Enjoy

by 4 years ago

Via Playboy

Much like the major players in online news, the porn industry is enduring the same struggle of finding out what and how people are willing to pay for content.

(You may think news and porn are strange bedfellows, until you remember all journalists are pervs.)

At the web’s inception, both industries offered their wares for free, with people growing accustomed to the fact that you didn’t pay for news or porn online.

Now the internet is the main way people consume both, and no one knows how to monetize that shit. Paywalls, memberships, ads, it’s all trial and error.

Kendra Sunderland came about in the age after paying for content was an accepted norm, though, and her website from the get go was membership only. Wanna see some Kendra sex? Hands rubbing together money sign.

But she also knows Bros are cheap, as evidenced by her little tweetstorm the other day.

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