You Can Now Make Sexy, Lonely Love To A Silicone Version Of The Oregon State Library Porn Girl’s Vagina

by 4 years ago


Do you love Kendra Sunderland? If you are anything like our average reader, who rapaciously devoured our coverage of her every move, you love Kendra Sunderland.

But you probably aren’t going to get to have sex with her. That’s not a knock on you. Not at all. You’re great. It’s just that the very minute odds that you will meet her, hit it off, go on a date and wind up in her bedroom really are minuscule at best.

So what’s the next best thing? Finding another woman? Moving on?

Hell to the no. It’s purchasing Pipedream’s silicone representation of her vagina and bumhole and jamming your cock into it again and again while watching videos of Kendra on Pornhub until you burst in a heap of sadness and come with this mold of her vagina wrapped around your dick, lying alone on your bed as you slowly shrivel, satisfied with the simulacrum of sex you had with the Oregon State Library Porn Girl.

Hey, she wouldn’t have made it if you didn’t want you to fuck it.

It’s called “The Library Girl Cutie Booty Stroker” and it is a cutie booty.



It’s uuhhhh… not that safe to look at at work. So maybe wait until later to click. But the site’s description is a thing of beauty.

She traded her diploma for dildos and this coed cutie needs a new study buddy! Meet Kendra Sunderland, the infamous 19-year old “Library Girl” who decided to take a break from the books and film her cam show in the school library instead. This former freshman is like most college girls–she just wants to party hard and have as much sex as she can cram into her busy schedule! Give her a lesson in lovemaking and explore every inch of this former Beaver’s beaver!

College girls always be fucking. Always.

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